The idea of the cube lamp came through inspiration from furniture and accessories from the 60s and 70s when designers were experimenting with new emerging materials and the belief that they would usher in a new era of trouble-free living. At the time of design development the main focus was the interplay between two materials as opposed to the materials themselves.

The difficulty once the concept was finalised was to ensure the fabrication did not let it down by having visible connections, screws or nails. The woodwork is put together using glue and traditional concealed joints. The diffuser slides into place sideways and is held in place using magnets.

The frame is closed grain, solid hardwood that’s been waxed to preserve the natural colour-range and warmth of the material. The diffuser is brushed stainless steel for a softer light but can be made with mirror polish for a stronger effect.

The light is a neutral colour LED with long lifespan, dimmable, and currently powered using mains cabling. The original concept was to have a pure cubic object though so we are working on a cordless version as well as an RGB version.


Design Credit : Pawel Sulima for CODE Atelier 

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