A full concept for a private client, ‘Kasta Bash’ is a luxurious, 4,000 square meter chalet in the grounds of a much larger residence on the Black Sea coast. The site is on a slope of a mountain with magnificent views over the sea with the approach snaking its way up the mountain from below and passing the buildings on several occasions.

The chalet is split into a number of smaller interconnected buildings, all linked with visible and hidden walkways. Every conceivable facility and amenity has been included but in subtle ways since privacy and a simplicity were two of the requirements from the Client.

Walking through the grand entrance of the main building there is a glass roof atrium running through the full height of the building with a waterfall and garden at the bottom. Stairs are expressed in this vertical circulation space with formal- and service elevators tucked away in the corners. The ground floor contains family areas and several separate spaces for social gatherings. The first floor has several self-contained private living areas and shared social spaces. All spaces are generously sized and have their own balconies and terraces with private views of the landscape.

The basement has further social spaces facing the Black Sea with a large terrace onto the artificial lake and waterfalls.

The adjacent building contains all the spa and health facilities. There’s a large terrace outside with stairs leading to the artificial lake. A partial first floor contains a gym and separate spa treatment rooms.

The style is inspired by regional architecture with influences from alpine cottages as well as iconic buildings such as ‘Falling Water’. Materials are earthy and natural with as much as possible sourced locally in order for the buildings to become part of the landscape. The opulence is expressed in the layering and level of detailing both on the exterior and the interior as well as ensuring the use of the chalet is as effortless as possible. A lot of the furniture will be bespoke to further provide a unique and exclusive feel to the project.



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