The vinyl stand came out from a discussion when one of us was nostalgically sorting through a bunch of LPs and missing the times when this was the music medium of choice. That feeling of flipping through the sleeves of a precious collection that had been procured over time, sometimes exchanging records with others, sometimes getting hold of rare presses.

Even back then there was never a good substitute for using an old plastic bucket for storage but the edges got easily damaged so one looked for a better solution. There were the silly wall-mounted models that had slots into which you would slide one record each but it never displayed the cover very well and if you were even the smallest of collector you quickly realised you had to cover the walls in these brackets.

So the idea was to bring out the LPs from storage and back into the living room. Back on display and a yet again a natural ice-breaker and sometimes instigator of passionate discussions. A collection that can be shown off and thumbed through.

The from and materials were inspired by the process of two materials interfering with each other just like the gramophone stylus interferes with the disc and the outcome is sound. In our version the effect is the same; two materials interfere with each other to create something else.

The vinyl stand is a simple pyramid block of solid hardwood. Waxed to bring out the natural colour and warmth of the wood. Onto that is a brushed stainless steel sheet bent to 90 degrees and fixed.


Design Credit : Pawel Sulima for CODE Atelier 

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