Full design up to completion, Office L2 replaced the original design Office L1 for the same multi-disciplinary client in Kuwait.

Alnowair is ‘GCC’s first nonprofit initiative for spreading positivity’ and this was to become their office.

The design brief was to create a space in which the creative minds of Alnowair could seed , grow and bloom. It should be a relaxed and refreshing environment catering for multiple types of settings that fosters communication between staff and the clients while fulfilling the function of an office.

The design built heavily on the positive feedback we had from the original design and many features were brought across and developed further. Furthermore we had to link to other spaces vertically since the founding organisation was situated two floors up. It was decided the two should be tied together to avoid the journey feeling like a pause.

The space itself provided tough challenges since it was located in the basement with only minimal amounts of daylight. Existing services including HVAC were also inadequate and had to be reviewed.

The design acts a a single, large open plan space with modern mashrabiyah glass dividers creating smaller dedicated spaces. Most spaces can be used in multiple ways and encourages the staff to move around during the day depending on the activity.

As in the original office design the first space you encounter is a break-out area with a kitchenette. This is to provide an informal space as well as an area to meet clients before they enter the office proper.

There’s a tiered multi-purpose auditorium which opens up fully to increase the available space for functions and gatherings. Towards the back are two more traditional meeting rooms. Glass walls help them appear bigger and more inclusive.

The main ‘office’ space consists of a single, long, doubles-sided task desk. The legs and cable-management is at the central spine of the desk which allows staff to move parallel to the desk without hindrance.

A private space behind one of the columns and some well-designed toilets complete the spaces in the basement.

The stair that links the floors has been fitted out with a break-out space at every landing in the void at the centre. The spaces have got frosted glass floor to allow light through and serve as meeting-rooms, relaxation-areas of whatever the staff find them useful for.

At the very top floor there’s another hideaway with an old Chesterfield couch for some quiet reading.

The design was approved by Alnowair in 2016 and construction started in August the same year and was completed and handed over in August 2017.

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