Full design up to tender, Office L1 is designed for a multi-disciplinary client in Kuwait. The company is made up of several independent entities operating in completely different markets.

The design brief was to capture the spirit of all of these in a playful way and provide a relaxed and innovative working environment. The way some of companies work is by interacting with not only clients but also the public; both by allowing visitors in and through scheduled events. This meant that the space had to be zoned not just for the independent entities but also for public and private spaces. And because interaction between the companies and staff is encouraged we also had to ensure the design encouraged and facilitated this behaviour.

The design has got multiple types of spaces for work and social interaction with breakout spaces, team-areas and meeting-hubs. There is a public space/ café area at the centre of the office which acts as the main public space as well the junction for all the separate office areas. The space is multi-use so it contains tiered seating for events and presentations, a recording studio with a glass wall, and a library/ seating area on a raised platform for more causal socialising.

The public space has direct access from the outdoors and was designed in such a way that it can be kept open after normal business hours.

More traditional open plan office-areas are scattered along the full height glazed façade facing the street with circulation-spaces along the centre of the space. Only in a few cases did we use fully enclosed rooms in order to encourage interaction. Separation was done using low partitions and perforated screens.

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