The initial brief was to design a set of podiums for the launch of cosmetics brand Prismologie in Kuwait. The programme was challenging and we had only a few weeks to understand the Client brand ethos, formalise a concept, develop it, and build it.

Very early on the Client increased the scope from six podiums, to include the artwork displays for the launch and two types of Point of Sale for the store outlets. One was to be standalone and the other wall-mounted, both using the same design-language.

The concept was derived from the integral use of precious stones and crystals in the cosmetics and the brand name itself. Each of the six product ranges are based on a particular type of gemstone and this inspired the crystal shapes of all three design-categories.

Because the way crystals are formed and the structure of that framework with endless subtypes of shapes, once the basic premise had been set, it was easy to combine different forms to suit the practical needs of the design.

Each product range also has a primary colour and these were intended to be represented as part of the design to make them distinctly different. The method we ended up using was to have the crystal be internally lit, referencing amethyst geodes which reveal their splendour once cut. The idea was that the product came from within the crystal in the same way.

Fabrication had to be done in parallel with some of the final design-work, so milestones were set during the development of the fabrication drawings in order to avoid abortive works.

The finished product has been well received by the Client and they believe the designs capture the spirit of Prismologie well. There will potentially be further products being developed for the same range.

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