‘Spaced’ is a coffee table in a line of furniture that plays on the vertical and horizontal plane, intending to focus on the solidity and purity of the top while giving it the appearance of floating.

Metal and wood create interesting differences in texture and feel when combined and are a recurring theme in our current furniture pieces. This piece has a clear-lacquered solid American Walnut top with mirror polished stainless steel frame.

The design started as a dining table but because of the size of the metal sections we needed it was decided to start with a smaller version to achieve the ‘lightness’ of the design intent as a trial to see if the desired effect was

The table was originally envisaged as a dining table but the metal sections were too big and ran the risk of loosing the elegance of the intent. With the coffee table as reference we can start the development of a larger version.

Design Credit : CODE Atelier

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