Full design up to completion, the Treekat Showroom was conceived and completed in 2017.

The showroom design for Treekat is based on the necessity to have multiple and changeable locations to display varying product-lines.

Treekat is the agent for multiple brands related to home security, automation and lighting including high-end light-switches.

The showroom is located in SunCity in Kuwait; an area that has been dedicated to retail units and small offices for architectural and interior finishes for the building industry. There is a heavy emphasis on showrooms and their window-displays which are all competing for attention, so it was important that the Treekat showroom was striking and unique in order to stand out.

Due to the nature and variety of the products, quality and importance of finishes we decided to go for a sombre and understated design with an emphasis on flexibility. The dark and warm tones are not typical for a showroom but it was important to create an atmosphere of intimate ‘home’ while still being neutral and not detracting from the products on display.

Mixing the warmth of wood with the cool of the painted steel has resulted in a fresh look. Because of the colour palette the space is easy to light with plenty of scope for focused spot lighting. Initially there were concerns that the ambient lighting would not be adequate so additional track lighting was installed. It turned out it was not needed but it has been kept in case there’s a need to flood the space with light.

Storage is always paramount in a showroom. In this particular case there are no products kept in store for customer purchase; almost all sales are project-based. We still had to create space for spare display-material, IT-equipment, office-supplies etc but we did not want to sacrifice customer space so instead of a single large store we have spread concealed cabinets and drawers throughout the showroom.

The end-result is very close to the approved design in 3D and we consider it a success in how we approach design and supervision.

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