A pre-concept for a client in Kuwait, the Youth City College re-defines how students in a specific age-group access education while preparing for the transition into a university campus. Envisaged as a completely self-contained centre for education, Youth City offer students an unparalleled mix of comprehensive services and facilities within a setting designed with education as its main focus. While ensuring traditional customs are respected, each facet of providing and receiving an education is being re-evaluated to ensure Youth City leads the way in how educational centres of excellence is achieved.

The Client requested that a concept was developed to attract investors for a college campus. The site was not specified but a rectangular area of 1,000,000 square meters was given as a requirement. In addition to the normal faculty-related facilities, we had to include for six other core functions; Living, Sports, Administration, Cultural, Worship, and Hotel. In order to increase the commercial viability of the project we included ideas on what functions could be provided by third-party entities in all of the core functions.

The overall site was divided into two main zones; external and internal. The external has all the logistical functions, parking and access-points into the campus. It also includes a landscaped physical buffer shielding the campus. The internal zone contains the seven core areas.

The biggest challenge from the brief was to ensure complete separation between male and female. This meant some facilities had to be doubled up. Part of our study investigated how the two flows of people could be interwoven to reduce wasted space. At the next stage this will be given a stronger focus.

The way the core functions and buildings of the masterplan interact, and the streetscape is formed was inspired by how earth dries up and cracks to form natural ‘streets’ and ‘pathways’. This gave us a natural common architectural framework for the buildings while giving us the freedom to play with the individual facades.

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